"The cool thing about waves, apart from the fact that they are constantly changing and painfully beautiful, is that they are mostly predetermined.  The wind that caused them happended days ago.  Today they are arriving here just for us and we are going to have insane unpredictable fun.  They are the perfect incarnation of the one thing central to all, but impossible to grasp...time."


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Some things in life can only be known properly if you are brave enough to have the conversation in the cave of you soul. If you allow yourself to get still and be quiet you will see the shadows of the most beautiful objects on the walls of this cave.  If you cannot focus your mind you will not solve any of this.  Slow down your mind, sit down with curiosity and begin your dance...                 &n...

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  The boardroom door suddenly started to open...



  As I walked into the passage she looked up....



    We are not meant to be here forever&h...



  Such a beautiful fragile dance fragrant...


Some say consciousness is like a river;

maybe consciousness is barely flowing streamlets
running through the beauty of time and space….
maybe the vast stream of the unconsciousness falls into the same pool barely in our focus… 
maybe both these streams are just temporary forays out of this spiritual pool connecting everything in existence.

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